All reptiles and amphibians are guaranteed healthy and properly sexed when possible.  We reserve the right to limit quantities.  Prices are subject to change.  All orders are pre-paid before being released.  Credit cards and PayPal are not accepted at this time.  Preferred payment is by Postal or Bank money orders.  All orders which send Postal or Bank money orders will receive the highest shipping priority.  All personal checks will have a two week minimum fund clearance period.  Any returned check will be subject to a $30 return fee.  Business references are available.
    Please state the exact order in the letter with payment being sent to us.  This is easily done by printing the particular e-mail that your order and total cost agreement is verified in.  Please include shipping address and a phone number which will be required for all shipping air bills.  If a final agreement for a purchase is confirmed and funds do not arrive to us within 10 working days of the final agreement, the animal(s) may be re-sold to another party.  If payment arrives after this time it will be returned in full if the order cannot be filled.
    Live arrival is guaranteed, although we are not responsible for shipping service gross delays or mishandling. All claims must be made upon receipt of animals or as soon as possible, no exceptions.  This is to be in the form of either a phone call to us or an e-mail.  Verification pictures may be required.  We release custody of all animals shipped upon the buyers receipt and initial inspection of the animals.  We cannot be  responsible for poor or incorrect husbandry practices.  It is up to the purchaser to provide proper care immediately.  We provide reproductive and general care information freely and will do everything in our power to ensure long term success with the animal(s).  All tortoises and turtles under 4" straight line measurement are for scientific or educational purposes only.  We are always interested in buying or trading for your captive bred and born livestock.  Thank you for your interest and we hope to hear from you soon!