Sumatran "Black" Short Tail Pythons Python curtus

    Our initial group of Python curtus were obtained as 2.2 wild caught adults and a 0.1 captive hatched and imported baby.  Our animals took two years to acclimate before successful reproduction.  Most were a little grumpy when handled but calmed a bit over the years.  Feeding was difficult with the largest wild caught females.  Most preferred thawed rats left in their enclosures overnight.  The adult males ate live rats and the captive hatched baby had an amazing feeding response from day one for any type of rodent.  During the breeding season no copulation was observed with our group of pythons.  Females were off feed while gravid which was a good indicator.  Once eggs were deposited, babies hatched approximately 60 days later and had typical Python curtus curtus attitudes but calmed in due time with handling and care.  All the babies would feed about a week or two after hatching and first sheds were almost a month and a half after being born.  The group of adults were sold a few years back due to space constraints at that time.  The following pics are of our previous animals.

Massive female with eggs.

Looking out, upside down.

CBB baby 6/16/98