Red-eyed Tree Frogs  Agalychnis callidryas

    The Red-eyed Tree Frogs are represented by two groups of adults.  One group is captive bred and born while the other is wild caught.  Both groups of adults are kept separate.  We feel having both groups will provide enough genetic diversity to maintain a stable colony of tree frogs.  Red-eyes are hardy frogs that benefit from moderate humidity.  Daily misting will generally meet humidity requirements.  Red-eyes do well in ventilated enclosures with plenty of live plants on which they can rest and hunt.  Overcrowding can be a problem so we endorse keeping no more than 2 adults per every ten gallons of enclosure space.  We also recommend you never mix frog species or keep captive bred with wild caught of the same species.  The benefits of keeping species separate far outweigh the problems often encountered when mixing them.  As an additional precaution:  Ensure that ants are not present in your home (in or near the frog enclosure).  If so, we recommend using a non-aerosol ant bait outside of the frog enclosure to eliminate their presence.  Frogs may succumb to ant bite or sting if they are attacked by significant numbers of ants.

C.B.B. Red Eye

Adult female

Red Eye egg masses