Pancake Tortoise  Malacochersus tornieri

    Our Pancake Tortoises are represented by a wild caught breeding group of adults, a small group of captive bred and born offspring produced by these adults and couple of genetically unrelated captive bred males acquired in trade.  The coloration is typical of Pancakes.  They have tan and brown shells with intricate "star burst" patterns in between all scutes on the carapace and plastron.  The most unique feature of Pancake tortoises is the flexibility of their shell.  These tortoises are able to wedge their shell into tight crevices and use their feet to plant themselves firmly.  They also have a remarkable ability to climb near vertical surfaces.  They are true escape artists and this is something any keeper must consider when designing an enclosure.  We have had some success with Pancake reproduction since working with them beginning in 1994.

Once in a lifetime shot

Placing her egg

Baby Pancake Tortoise piping it's shell

Baby Pancake Tortoise hatching

1.2 Adult indoor setup

Another adult setup

Eating Brazilian Pusley

Size comparison