Elongated Tortoise  Indotestudo elongata

    Our Elongated Tortoises are represented by a breeding group of 4.8 unrelated adults and a number of young captive bred and born offspring produced by them.  The coloration can be variable but the norm is represented by olive colored shells and pale lime colored heads.  Distinctive black swatches accent the center of most carapace scutes.  These wonderful Indonesian tortoises enjoy high humidity environments, warm summer days and rain showers.  Elongated tortoises are shy and gentle creatures.  They benefit most from observation and minimal physical interaction.  Most breeding in our colony occurs in the summer to fall months.  Eggs are generally deposited from September through January.   Please click on the following button for our:

Note:  One male and two females not pictured.

Born Jan. 1996

Female (Orange Phase)

Female (1)

Female (2)

Female (3)

Female (4)

Female (5)

"Funky" Male (1)

Male (2)

Male (3)

  Profile shot

Size comparison

9/24/02 - 5 eggs

09/26/02 - 2 eggs

10/11/02 - 1 Egg!

10/12/02 - 5 Eggs

11/04/02 - 1 giant egg!

11/05/02 - 7 Eggs