Ball Python  Python regius

    Our 'Normal' Ball Python breeders are represented by a number of nice adults, some of which are 'captive hatched' (CH) and others are 'captive bred and born' (CBB).  Below are pics of some adults.  The first adult pair, pictured in the top left image are of a male (top snake) who was obtained as an extremely golden captive hatched baby in 1992.  The female (bottom snake) was initially obtained as a wild caught adult in 1982 by another individual and acquired by us in 1996.  She has maintained unusually light color tones for a well aged snake.  Her observable yellow pigment is little to nonexistent.  She successfully reproduced for the first time in the spring of 1999.  She laid seven fertile eggs that went full term and hatched.  Of those, six were female and one was male.  All seven babies were exceptionally golden and bright in appearance.  Two were held back as future breeders.  Another interesting adult female is a HUGE (9 pound) Burgundy colored animal.  Babies are being held back and future line breeding will determine if this is an inheritable trait.


Golden male above, light colored female below

Close-up of Ball Pythons breeding

Gravid female inverted

Baby Ball Python from light colored female

Adult female Ball Python, possible "Burgundy"?

Possible Burgundy Ball next to a normal for contrast

Another comparison close-up

Baby Ball Pythons hatching